' Tis the season to Mac.' 

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham


So let us be influential by the words of inspiring Cunningham and wrap up in a timeless style this AW15.  Rather than the alternative of extensive layering in the result of looking like we are heading out to the North Pole.  







Coats have evolved, offering a broad dynamic market. Individuals no longer primarily invest in a coat for the necessity of warmth and cost. The aspect of style weighs out this primal decision. However do not be misinterpreted, I’m a strong believer that just like beauty, in fashion we shouldn’t suffer to look our best. Comfort plays a massive factor in exuding your confidence in what you wear.




The Mac coat is the classic timeless trend that embraces the traditional fashion trends that we all harbour (warmth and comfort) in addition to establishing the evolving decades of trendsetting fashion. From high end to high street, from pure chic to high fashion. The Mac coat is a trend which is fitting for versatile taste and shapes.






You can get this timeless yet on trend staple by investing in high street classic from New look (£29.00), this Mac coat is both affordable and on trend. This coat works well in establishing an effortless yet smart look. By pairing with Primark’s cream jumper (£6.00) and adding further neutral colours with Primark’s green skinny trousers and sturdy yet timeless Timberlands (£160.00). And finally accessorised with a bold burgundy ASOS snood reflecting the fallen leaves which truly sees us in the season of AW15.











- Timberland


- Newlook


- Primark