Ahhh Nostalgia is so on trend......




Most recently Fashion has fallen in a trance of nostalgia and is welcoming back some of our most beloved trends. And Retro has never been more chic, especially with the return of one our 90’s favorite pieces ‘the choker.’







As displeasing as its name may sound, the Choker very much contradicts its label. Oh & by the way this necklace won't actually CHOKE YOU! Instead this fitting necklace flatters your neck in a range of styles from; velvet, lace, gold, silver and beads. It is an all- around accessory, creating a bold statement come day/night.

What I’ve been wearing:

I've been wearing the Black Lace Choker Pagan Gohtic Burlesque Style 25mm (£2.80). I adore the material,  its simplicity and how this Choker exudes Retro Glam. 




Yet again another iconic accessory, proving that fashion is truly timeless.



So what choker have you been wearing?