PERSON A: "She/he was so rude to me."


PERSON B: "Yea their probably racist."


Now how many of us have been guilty of exhibiting PERSON’S B’s behaviour? Come on be honest. When somebody of the opposite race displayed rude behaviour towards you.  Did the race card pop into your head? Hey I’m even guilty of PERSON B’s behaviour. And no I’m not condoning PERSON’s B’s behaviour. I’m simply here to understand how racism has somehow been used to rationalise any dilemmatic situation. And how we can put an end to this irrational behaviour.


I personally feel that racism has scrutinised people to the point that has led to this generalised ideology, that a dilemma is somehow linked racially. And this isn’t right. We are portraying the same symptoms like those individuals who have been burned in love repeatedly. And as a result these individuals lose faith in love. Similarly we have allowed racism to evolve in losing faith in each other, resulting in making each other the enemy.

Yes there are still masses of individuals who have this twisted mentality that a person’s colour, ethnicity and religion makes them inferior and less superior. I’m pretty sure these types of individuals even hate the Simpsons. You know because the Simpsons are yellow, so because they have a different skin colour, this instantly makes them a threat to our society. But let us not be blinded by the existence of this negativity. And remind ourselves of the pure goodness in our world. The historic legends and the present beautiful souls who have contributed in preserving this wonderful multicultural world; full of flourishing cultures and religions to be inspired by.


So next time a person of the opposite race acts in a disrespectful manner towards you. Take a step back, gather the rational facts before pulling out the race card. Because maybe, just maybe, they’re not racist. Maybe they’re just a rude asshole.


Don’t let negativity define your present.


Not everyone is the enemy.


And most importantly don’t let racism turn you into the RACIST.