'The Other Me'

IDENTITY CRISIS, is something that a lot of us struggle with. Imagine if your identity is linked with one of the biggest tragedies in history ‘the holocaust,’ and the people who caused this tragedy the Naziz’s.  This is the sad reality for Klaudia Meyer. A young woman caught in a web of lies, all in the hope of acceptance and love.

I believe within any book; the story really relies on its characters to draw you into reading on; ‘The Other me,’ executes this wonderfully. The first chapter of the book clearly introduces the protagonist ‘Klaudia,’ I instantly formed an understanding of who and why she is the way she is. This also made me want to know more on how her torn identity is impacting the future events in her life. At the beginning, I felt a great sympathy for Klaudia; however, as the story continued, I found myself getting very frustrated with the character. As Klaudia’s repetitive uncertainty and cowardness, made me frustrated with the character. In further discovery of other leading characters, I really despised the character ‘Otto.’ His Nazi behaviour was still clearly engraved in him, even though he tried to portray himself ‘as a changed man.’ However, Otto’s character hooked me to continue to learn what was going to happen next; mainly to find out if Otto would get his karma. Another leading character ‘Cosmo,’ was a character that I favoured; I admired his willingness, understanding, determination and certainty of himself. I perceived Cosmo as some sort of fairy God mother to Klaudia. Throughout the book, the variety of characters formed a sense of reality; as the characters were relatable in terms of their struggles and issues. And the characters portrayed the type people we come across in our lives.

Aside from the characters, the story itself was truly gripping. The gripping style, challenged if my assumptions about what would happen next were correct. And one of my assumptions was indeed correct. This doesn’t mean, I’m implying in any way that this story is predictable, as it was far from that.  Also at times I found myself putting of visiting the bathroom or even delaying lunch; just to read one more page or carry on reading till the next chapter.  If you find a book that does that to you, you know that you are reading a fine piece of literature.  Another enjoyable aspect of the story was when Klaudia, like most of us, got her shit together! I started to regain a lot of respect for the character. However, the main downfall of the book, was how the story jumped a lot within the chapters. This caused at times a major loss of flow of the story and resulted in confusion on what was happening. I found myself in a real mind fuck, I was having to flick back to previous pages to reassure myself of what was going on!


To summarise, a truly captivating story.