It's been 2 weeks since the utter tragedy in Paris. Sadly more tragedy was contributed, as I opened up my Facebook & instead of seeing humanity come together. Once again I saw humanity throw the 'BLAME CARD.' 


Even though our wonderful world has blossomed allowing us to love & come together unconditionally. There is still that evil that is slizzering beneath the surface, which blind sites us from coming together. Instead this evil engages in embracing hate against one another. Because apparently its logical to think that monstrous actions caused by inhuman individuals; defines a religion & race.  


There is a saying that goes, "you never truly know someone," & sure did that quote truly evidence its point. As it sadden me that I once associated & had friendships with these people who took to social media & expressed twisted views with no remorse via this tragedy. I was upset, angry & just pure ashamed. However I'm a strong believer that although negativity may always follow us. We have the power to walk away from it. Walking away doesn't mean weakness in not defeating the battle. Its means you can walk away & invest your time in positives that will later influence to defeat the war.


However evil does not & will not win. As a bright light shone on all the darkness, establishing that not all hope is lost for humanity. A large majority of individuals came together expressing empathy for the loss in addition to challenging such irrational hateful views. 


In my conclusive perception; Britain imagery is painted as this beautiful multicultural canvas. But if you look deeper at its very core, like a pretty picture with no depth, at heart Britain isn't truly multicultural. However all hope is not lost, as there is still pure & wonderful individuals coming together in the hope to erase such evils mentalities. All in the aim to continue to positively influence our beautiful abstract world.