My Inner sporty spice 

Fashion is so influential through so many types of media. I’ve discovered that Music is defiantly one of the strongest and timeless platforms to establish fashion. Music is something that we all enjoy and can relate to. And with that we are not only influenced by the lyrics but with the image in which that music portrays.

My sense of fashion has certainly evolved. I’ve been in love with dressing up since I can remember, some may deem it as being a ‘girly girl.’ Never would I go out in sweats or a plain tee; let alone sports apparel. Dressing ‘casually,’ wasn’t a sense of style/fashion to me. And then my fashion sense further evolved, I then became more aware of how on trend and chic sports apparel can be. Ellesse had certainly established a cool vintage imagery; I would often see this brand dressed so effortlessly on current music artists, which drew me into further admiring the brand and sports apparel. I started to re-evaluate my ideas of what style is, I learnt that dressing casually can be a form of dressing up.  I unleashed my “inner sporty spice,” still incorporating it with my girly, girl style.  

I love how sports apparel forms a relaxed yet classic vibe.  

I customise my look, by pairing my Ellesse tee with a pair of boohoo culottes.  I’ve been loving culottes and my collection seems to be growing! This instantly creates a chic yet laid back look. This is my number one go to look, if I’m in a hurry, but I still want to look like I’ve made an effort! I finish of by pairing with a simple flats or heels.

Sports apparel is a timeless staple that can be dressed so versatility. Being a major Spice Girls fan, I never really took to Sporty Spice fashion sense. But now I can make the connection of how chic she really was!