Being a good person, doesn’t guarantee you a good life...

“I’m a good person, I don’t deserve this.”

“I’m a good person, why do bad things keep on happening to me!


“Honestly I feel that being good gets you nowhere.”


“Why do good things happen to bad people?”



Sounds familiar?

Well just like me, you’re a ‘good person,’ that has recently or is currently going through a bad transition. & like myself, you’ve probably been reflecting on your life, past, present and future. & you can’t quite understand why……. GOOD THINGS KEEP ON FUCKING HAPPENING TO THESE FOLLOWING TYPES OF PEOPLE!!!!!


- People who have screwed you over

- People who screw other people over

- People who use other people for their personal gain

- People who mistreat others

- People who don’t put in the work & yet get those job opportunities you clearly deserve


It’s just not fair, right? Well guess what? LIFE ISN’T FAIR! And that’s not me being pessimistic, that’s just the truth.


So maybe being a bad person is really the hidden secrete to winning at life after all right?

Because let’s face it, being a good person doesn’t seem to be getting you anywhere? However, you know as well as I do that all those good things in those bad people’s lives right now, will shortly come to an end. Because getting ahead through sleazy shortcuts, half ass work and bad actions, will eventually blow up in their faces. & if you’re lucky, you sometimes get to watch or you will eventually hear about it. Either way, it never lasts!


Now after much contemplating, if you’ve managed not to turn to the dark side! Congratulations!


But that still doesn't answer the question, 'what is the point of being good, if it doesn't guarantee you a good life?' & although I had already rationalised the answer in my head; the answer to my question, came to me again through the wonders of watching this awesome show on Netflix called ‘The Good Place,’ a ‘fantasy comedy series’ based on the afterlife. In a recent episode, Eleanor (the main character) is promised her place in 'the good place' (heaven),  only if she can relive her life on earth again by proving she can be a ‘good person.’ At first, she is succeeding and realises how good and rewarding it is to be a ‘good person.’ Then life suddenly started to get harder & became less rewarding, even though she was being a  ‘good person’ and doing ‘the right thing.’ She soon relapses back in her bad ways, because it’s easier, comfortable and convenient. She stoped being a good person, because it is no longer 'guaranteeing her a good life,' it was no longer rewarding........ 


Although being a ‘good person’ is wonderful and ‘the right thing to do.’ It’s not easy, not always REWARDING and it certainly doesn’t guarantee you a ‘good life.’

Like myself, we get caught up that being a good person is deemed with a reward system. When in fact being a 'good person', should be something you just want to thrive to be, regardless of the rewards. And although to an extent, it isn’t wrong in any way to expect positive outcomes for being a good person or doing the right thing; whether that be in the personal or professional areas of our lives. Because ultimately we all deserve good things to happen in our lives & we shouldn't put up with shit.


However we shouldn’t let it consume our mind that ultimately being a good person, magically rewards us or poofs away any negativity that comes our way.  Because I’m pretty sure if everyone was a ‘good person’ we really wouldn’t know the difference between what is ultimately good or bad. *Spoiler alert* Eleanor doesn’t give up on her mission on being a good person, despite the challenges.


Being a good person doesn’t guarantee you a good life, shit will happen regardless.

But stick with it, because it’s the right thing to do despite the rewards. And in the long run with all the bumps and bruises, it may not guarantee you a good life, but it will sure be a better life.