Dream On ... 

Dreams: “Knock, knock.”


Me: “Who’s there?”


Dreams: “Dreams”


Me: “Dreams who?”


Dreams: “Dreams of pursuing a writing career.”


Me: “Well dreams of pursuing a writing career, my plan is to get a 9-5 job in a Media or office environment where I can develop prospects and be financially secure.  This way I can support you until you can support me.  I can not to be stuck in retail any longer it’s not developing me or realistically going to support you and I in the long run.”  


Dreams: “Ok that’s realistic and sensible.”


Me: “Thanks, wish me luck.”





Dreams: “Knock, knock.”


Me: “Who’s there?”


Dreams: “Dreams of pursuing a writing career. It’s been four months and you’re so consumed in putting all your time and effort in getting a fulltime job, yet you haven’t put aside any time to blog or engage in any freelance work.  How are you supposed to support your dreams of being a writer when you have a fulltime job, when at present you’re not supporting it one bit?”


Me: “Oh shit….. Sorry.”


It’s been a whole 4 months since I’ve blogged… yes I know that’s really, really bad.


So how is the whole job process going?


  • I’ve got an updated professional C.V.

  • I’m now able to write those tedious cover letters within a shorter span of time.

  • I have frequent calls from recruiter who are putting me forward for jobs; thanks to my updated job profiles.

  • For my first interview for a professional post I was in the top two candidates to be considerd for the role.

  • I had phone interview which I’m pretty sure I won’t be called back for a second interview for.

  • And there has been a few days where I got moments of anxiety, where thoughts have consisted of ‘what if I don’t get a job.’


Now although the outcome hasn’t been successful yet, the ongoing progress is. The whole productive process of applying for jobs; reminded me just like with anything I have achieved in life and want in life, I needed to apply myself to the fullest to get the successful outcomes. However this also gave me a big slap in the face about BALANCE. As I recall those endless weekly promises I would make to myself, “I’ll blog tomorrow, and I’ll start blogging on Friday.” And then I would rationalise a reason that I can’t actually blog today because of some job application commitment. I clearly wasn’t prioritising my tasks accordingly or equally; and most importantly recognising the importance of engaging in my writing career. If that was the case I may have been sitting locked in my room glued to the computer screen applying for jobs from morning to midnight. Luckily that didn’t happen, as I still had the sanity to eat, wash and engage in human contact.


Lessons learnt : 


  • In reality you need to support your dreams until your dreams can support you.

  • But never support your dreams and then lose sight of those dreams.

  • Life it is all about balance; because remember all work makes Vanessa a dull girl.


                 It feels so great to be back to blogging :-)