Hello lovely people! 


A very belated HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ! To me 2016 felt like it got chowed down like a chocolate bar. Or if you don't like chocolate, whatever you chow down. And just like that, you may feel like some of your goals went unfulfilled. 


& that's ok, because just like everything in life, there is timing for every accomplishment.  As long as we remember and dedicate ourselves to using everyday as an opportunity to become one step closer to redeeming that goal. I can certainly vouch for unfulfilled goals. One crucial one is not pursuing my blog in the aim of creating weekly relatable content, new ideas and topics which I'm passionate about. Also using my blog as a vital vessel towards my career as a Writer. So how do we move forward in fulfilling our goals you may ask? For me personally REFLECTION is key for me; as it gives me the opportunity to identify on how I can improve & identify bad habits, which are moving me forward or backwards in any aspect of my goal/ life.



TIME: Am I making time to accomplish this goal? How can I make time?


BALANCE: This goal is important to me however how can I balance it with the other obligations in my life.


PERSISTENCE: How can I make sure I'm constantly putting in all of efforts to accomplish this goal.


WHY? Remembering the reason of why I want to accomplish this goal. This one really helps when you may have an unmotivated day.


To me REFLECTION is key to understanding how to fulfil your goals.

So maybe take sometime to REFLECT on your goals. This will give you more of an in depth understanding of the why's & how's in accomplishing your goals.


Good luck & watch out for a lot of exciting and fresh content to come not just this year........

From this method I've come up with a skill set, which helps me to identify the weakness and strengths of my goals & move forward with my goals: