So here I am in the prime of my life 25 years of age, or as referred to most twenty five year olds like myself, the dreaded in-between …. It’s true what they say you wiz through your twenties; I think the saying goes something like that. Actually if you really think about it, doesn’t it feel like our teenage years last way longer then our current adult ones?  Anyway let’s not go off topic Vanessa! As I suddenly have flash backs of my teenage years; a decade of  changeable haircuts, mistakes, more mistakes and thinking life is so hard right now; Boo hoo.

In light of my 25th birthday, I felt an enormous flood of nostalgia hit me over the head. Now I don’t know if that is because ‘I’m getting old,’ or maybe I’m in at a point of my life where I’m determined in succeed in my current goals, whilst also enjoying the essences of life. That I needed to remind myself that if 24 year old Vanessa can accomplish and enjoy life, so can 25 year old Vanessa.  Because to be honest if it’s tomorrow, a week from now, a month 10 years etc. I’m pretty sure I’m going to look back and remember how epic it was to be 24 years old. I kind of feel that I sound ridiculous saying ‘epic….’ How about, ‘I’m going to look back and remember how influential it was to be 24 years old?’ Ok now I just sound like Kanye West ranting to the world, on how much he loves himself. But you get where gist right?

If not well; being 24 years old had seen me graduate , unexpectedly say goodbye to treasured people in my life, yet still being able to move forward in my life and living out my dream of bringing the love of my life back to my home roots (Goa). It was a period in my life which bought a rollercoaster of the highs, the lows and the thoughts of falling off… no pun intended. I guess I can also say that I felt that it was a more intense time in of my life, because everything was pretty much happening all at once. Not to forget to mention how unpredictable life can be, the good and bad. And thank God, in the middle of it all; I found the strength to somehow stay focused to achieve and to be the best friend to myself, when best friends weren’t present anymore. 

Dear 25 year old Vanessa, let’s not forget to follow in her footsteps……